Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow Prevention Systems are required by Gainesville City for businesses and certain residences on city water. Lawson Air Conditioning & Plumbing is proud to be licensed to install, repair, and test these devices. Backflow devices prevent water flow back into the city water system and prevent any form of cross contamination. The use of these devices helps keep Georgia safe. The devices are required to be tested for proper function once a year by a licensed professional. We are happy to offer this service, and we mail in the information to the city to make it easier on you. Contact us or call us today for a quote.

Types of Backflow Prevention Devices:

  • Double Check Valve – no risk or extreme harm to city water
  • RP2 – reduce pressure zone for harsh chemicals

Backflow Testing

  • Required once a year by a licensed professional per the city
  • Devices prevent water flow back into city system
    • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Safety Issue
  • Required by city/county
  • Repair/Replace